Teacher Spotlight

Ms. Eubanks 

Mckinney Boyd High School has had many new teachers over the years but a great new edition to our staff is Ms. Eubank, an english teacher and cheer coach with an interesting past.

Originally from Houston in her early teen years she travelled around the world.

Though she graduated from a French American High School, for college she came all the way back to Texas to attend Texas A&M and graduate in the class of 2015 with a degree in community health.

Though it isn’t what she went to college for teaching has been a dream for Ms. Eubank.

Part of her passion comes from her mom’s past of being an english teacher and a cheer coach for over 10 years.

In her everyday she coaches cheer and inspires her english students with her kindness, focus and enthusiasm.

Student Interviews

She is excited for the years to come and ready to grow as a part of our bronco family

Marielle Standridge, BNN

McKinney Boyd High School

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