New Rights, New Voices

The new student movement that is revolutionizing the 1st amendment 

     Freedom of idea, press, and religion are the very basis that the United States were founded upon. But how free is free? 

     In order to prevent a totalitarian regime, the founding fathers implemented freedom of press to allow anyone to express their opinions, good or bad, about anything, especially the government. But nowadays, having total free press without any

consequences is ignorance. The nation is more divided then ever, and with the far lefts and far rights having completely opposite viewpoints on virtually every topic, controversial arguments and pieces are bound to be created. But who will protect the students? 

    New Voice is an anti-censorship bill created in North Dakota that grants public and college journalists extra protection in their publications. As journalists, we are tasked to release any information to the public that affects them in any way, and without these protections, depending on the information you release, you could get sued or prosecuted for your story. New Voice help student journalist's become valid and legit news sources while protecting them from any police or agencies attempting to discredit them.

    Even though this idea is extremely beneficial for young journalists, many kids don't even though that this bill is even a possibility.    


McKinney Boyd High School

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